• I have a Staffordshire Terrier – American Pit Bullterrier who talks. The other night, before he started his supper, he bowed his head and I heard him say: “Protect me from my friends, I can protect myself from my enemies. –W. M. Whitaker, 1958

  • I know of no other breed of dog that I would rather trust with the care and protection of my children.–W. T. Brandon, 1956

  • Today the Staffordshire has emerged from his gladiatorial background as one of the finest of all dogs. He is proud and noble of bearing, he combines power with grace and agility, he is bright and alert, and his courage is not surpassed in any other animal on earth. He is intelligent, outstandingly amenable to training and discipline, and adaptable to almost any conditions. He is superbly gentle with children, intensely loyal and affectionate, and a wonderful watchdog.–1940 STCA Year Book

  • The American Staffordshire Terrier is a unique breed in the family of dogs. Its history is rich and well documented and he remains one of the few unspoiled breeds retaining the courage, intelligence and tractability that have won for him wide acceptance as one of the most adaptable and capable of all dogs. –1978 STCA Year Book

  • …I’ve had some big ones (good, too) – but, 40-50 lb. for the female and 45-55 for the male is good. –W. T. Brandon, 1979 STCA Yearbook

  • In 1936, after the determined efforts of Bill Brandon, the American Kennel Club recognized the Pit Bull Terrier under the name, Staffordshire Terrier.  –Wayne D. Brown, History of the Pit Bull Terrier

  • Repeated attempts were made, without success, to get the breed recognized by the American Kennel Club under the names American (Pit) Bull Terrier. However, on May 23, 1936, a group, The Staffordshire Terrier Club of America met. At this first meeting of the Club, a resolution was passed, requesting the American Kennel Club to recognize the breed under the name Stafordshire Terrier, because of its relation to the Staffordshire Bull Terrier of England.–Wilfred T. Brandon

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